Asian pears cause a cover-up

A Japanese researcher took his own life after his research revealed the presence of Fireblight in native (Asian) pear trees, resulting in a government cover-up and him being blamed by farmers for their lost revenue.

The apple cidar did not delight her

  Unpasteurized apple cider was the cause of an outbreak that sickened more than a hundred people who took part in a Pike County fall festival. #applecidar

Petition to ban angel hair pasta has an open petition to ban angel hair pasta. #angelhairpasta 

Ambrosia salad and overcoming death

 # Ambrosia was the fragrant food of the Ancient Greek gods, providing them with longevity and the ability to overcome death.

Raspberries are quite contrary

A  large outbreak  of cyclosporiasis in  North America in 1996 was associated with the consumption of Guatemalan #raspberries.

PEEPS: Easter treats cause cancer concern

#PEEPS candies asked to remove Red Dye 3 from  marshmallow treats over cancer concerns.

No Springtime for Onions

Spring onions from Egypt were likely behind a deadly E. coli outbreak in Denmark in 2021.